Customization is at the core of what #bzabiz does. We worked with founder, David Bizer, to create a configurator that would transform his clients’ voice messages into 3D models: user friendly and automatic.


Automatic conversion of sound files into 3D models.


Virtually instantaneous design, giving David the freedom to grow his business.


Customers can immediately preview their jewelry, creating an instant connection.

Grown out of a final university project, the jewelry line #bzabiz represents nothing less than the future of custom jewelry design and production.

Since the beginning #bzabiz designer, David Bizer, has focused on using innovative production methods to create truly unique pieces for his customers. To create these custom pieces, customers record an audio message, which would form the basis for the design. Then David would manually create a 3D model out of the file, finally producing the piece with additive manufacturing. Customization has always been at the heart of #bzabiz, “Jewelry is such a personal thing. I wanted to give people the chance to send truly personal messages. Using the configurator, they create the basis for the design. Rather than something generic people create jewelry with their own voice, and the wearer has an accessory that is much more meaningful. Just imagine wearing a pendant that represents your partner saying “I love you””. Of course, using this unusual input for designs presented a slight challenge, one we were happy to help David with.

Optimized design process

Our paramate software was exactly what David needed to automate the design process, saving time and engaging his customers more meaningfully in the creation process. We were able to build a configurator that eliminated the need for converting audio files into 3D models. Automating the conversion of audio files allowed David more time for developing new concepts for personalized jewelry. And there are benefits for his clients as well. Now #bzabiz customers record their message and within moments see a preview of their jewelry. For such personal products, it is crucial to create a deep connection. The configurator instantly transforms their message into the form of the final product.

“#bzabiz is a great example of a new kind of production process. People can take their ideas, use tools like our paramate platform, create a website and they are up and running. We are very happy to be a part of this production revolution, and look forward to seeing more of it.”


A different kind of business model

Beyond time savings and more satisfied customers, David’s use of new technology gives him the freedom to develop a unique business model. Instead of establishing a conventional manufacturing process, he can promote and manage everything via his website and leave production to his partners.


  • Audio files are automatically converted into 3D models
  • Design time cut from hours to seconds
  • Unique personalization creates one of a kind pieces
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