We worked with Luxexcel to create an online lens configurator, which would enable their clients to create and order lenses tailored perfectly to their specific needs.


From design to order in minutes, optimize the customer experience.


Eliminate high cost of custom designs through automation


Automated design process improved production times.

3D printed lenses sound like the stuff of science fiction. But, Luxexcel’s innovative technology is making it a reality, one print at a time.

Luxexcel is internationally renowned for its 3D printed optics, and for good reason. The use of innovative additive manufacturing methods in production significantly reduces costs and improves efficiency of small batch production and prototyping.

In spite of these advancements, one major production question remained open: how is the underlying 3D design for the lens created? Creating a CAD model of the desired lens is no simple task, and in the past Luxexcel’s customers needed a professional designer to make it possible. Luxexcel knew that this cumbersome process was not only inefficient, but also in conflict with their desire to democratize the production of optics.

The same innovative drive that led to using 3D printing for optics inspired Luxexcel to partner with us to fundamentally change how their customers created and ordered custom lenses.

Solving the challenge of design

Now customers can easily create their very own design. All they need to do is use the web-based lens creator on Luxexcel’s website. They input the relevant parameters, like focal length and lens diameter, and can immediately preview their lens. Once the design is approved, the customer can proceed to ordering in a single click.

“With our new design tool, we want to take the next step in opening up the world of optical development”, says Peter Paul Cornelissen, Head of Marketing & Online Business Development. “Lowering the bar to make use of optimized optics for its application, and eliminating the limitations of standard stock products will be a game changer for many designers that use optics in their products. The trinckle 3D customization software is an integral part of that development.”

A perfect application of our customization software, Luxexcel has used it to remove a major barrier to creating custom products, design time and complexity. Based on parametric design principles our software automates the design process and relieves engineers and designers of many manual tasks.

“Product customization continues to grow in importance across all industries. Additive manufacturing, in combination with our software, makes it possible for businesses to address the specific needs or tastes of each customer.”



  • Optimized production flow. From design to customer in 5 days.
  • Companies can use the simple interface to save on design hours.
  • Design times cut from hours to just 10 minutes
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